Using ‘Digital Publishing Suite’, ‘Folio Builder’ & ‘Folio Overlays’

I’ve been using some new software in order to create my interactive document. ‘Folio Builder’ and ‘Folio Overlays’ are plugins for Adobe InDesign. ‘Digital Publishing Suite’ is a free online facility.

it took me a while to figure out how to use these in order to achieve our desired interactive catalogue, however, I got there in the end and I’m going to simplify it below.

– Instead of one document with many pages, each page must exist in it’s own separate file.

-Add pages to the Folio Builder panel- these pages are known as articles (drag the articles to move them).

– Use the Folio Overlays panel to develop interactivity such as slideshows, twitter feeds and links to other ‘articles’ within the folio.

-Log in to the Folio Panel using a Digital Publishing Suite account & upload the folio containing all the articles.

-To view on an iPad, download the ‘Digital Publishing Suite’

The video below demonstrates how to use the Folio Builder.

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