Foreword from Jon Levy

I just received this email from Jon Levy, with the foreword for the catalogue. (Just in time to get it printed for display at the exhibition!)

HI Heleln
Hope this reaches you in time. feel free to edit it as needed or return to me if you had something else in mind. It is from the heart and I do mean it though 🙂
xxx to all

These guys are amazing, they have amazed me and they have taught me too, even as I was tasked to teach them. Isn’t that the best teaching after all though, where the street goes both ways and the teacher is stretched to engage with his students as he asks them to broaden their own horizons. I have been excited and emboldened by the passion and variety of views that the students each have put into their work. and I have been constantly impressed and reassured of the undimmed light of photography in their hands. From traditional story projects to unbelievable design and new concepts for visualising and seeing our world, the students have each pushed the boundaries of what photography can do and what they wish to say with their work. In the weeks that I spent talking with each of them and viewing their work i have got to know their aspirations and been privileged to see their methods in progress but above all I have been revitalised by their ingenuity, talent and the force of their achievements. This is not a class of photography students, this is, in each and every one of them, the future of photography: taking what has been done before and ,with respect and humility, forging a path to new image making and new ways of telling their own stories as well as those of their subjects. it is testament to their success that across all disciplines of photography they have brought me, their editor and their reader, along on the journey and their work has touched me as only great photography can.
Jon Levy, May 2013

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