Wood Transfer Experiments

I’ve printed all my photos on a laser printer, I forgot to flip the images so they’d be the right way round when transferred but it doesn’t matter for my photos.

1. First of all, I covered my wood surface with gel medium. (I used Liquitex’s Matte Gel medium). I applied the print to the wood straight away.

2. I used a gift card to smooth the print out working from the centre of the photo to the outer edges, getting rid of air bubbles and excess gel medium.

3. I left my prints to dry at room temperature overnight.

4. After about 12 hours of drying, I wet the print using a wet towel. Once the paper was completely see-through I gently began to remove the fibres using my fingers.

This is what the print looked like after rubbing the top layer of paper off. As you can see, some paper fibres still remained.

I also wanted to try printing just the object onto wood with no background. So I cut round the rose in photoshop using the mask tool & deleted the background. This photo is during the process of removing the paper.
As you can see, part of the photo has come off with the paper. This might be due to poor application of the gel medium. Though I think it may have something to do with the fact  that the edges of the rose are raised slightly higher than the background.


Out of the two, I prefer the rose with the background because not only has it worked better, but the ink subdues the wood.

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