Catalogue Meeting

I met up with the other students to discuss the layout and design for the Raw Format catalogue. We looked at some exhibition catalogues to give us a structure to work towards,  including one from The National Portrait Gallery and last years Photography degree show at Coventry (see below). Obviously these catalogues are printed onto paper, but we were just using them to gain design and layout ideas for our catalogue.

We didn’t like the Coventry University catalogue as we felt it was too formulaic, each student only having one page with one image, some text and a photo of the student. Other than this, the catalogue included a short foreword from Grant Scott. [Click here if you wish to view the whole catalogue.]

We did like the design of the ‘Road to 2012’ Catalogue, each double page spread has a different design which makes viewing it a more engaging experience. the colours are kept neutral, so therefore work well with all the photographs. There is also a map for the exhibition which we thought was a good idea because it is easy to find the work/project you went to see.

We want to keep the catalogue  simple in regards to design, with little graphic flair in order to allow the photographs to ‘do the talking’, while still making the layout visually interesting. We have drawn up a basic structure for our catalogue:

1. Front Cover- a slow transitioning slide show that displays one photo from each persons work so that everyone is able to be the ‘cover star’

2. Foreword- (I have emailed Jon Levy to ask him if he would do us the honor of writing one)

3. Map – an interactive map/contents page.

4. An embedded twitter feed that allows people to see what is being said about the work.

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