Bleached Photos: Experimentation #2

I wanted to try bleaching my photographs as Curtis Mann has done. With this effect I hoped to make my photos into one of a kind artefacts, rather than reproduced prints. I hope that this effect will give my photos an ethereal/other worldly quality.

The photos vary in technique, I did the first two by simply brushing the bleach on to the photo.


The small circular patterns are caused by bubbles within the bleach.


As you can see in the image below, I tried to outline the subject with bleach. Unfortunately the bleach bled into the subject.

In this photo I decided to make a white border. The dots were made by splashing the bleach on & leaving it still for about a minute.

This was my final image, and it’s also my favourite of them all. I built up layers of bleach, slowly removing the colour from the photo. I really love the way the trees at the top edge have turned orange, as well as the red tinge in parts of the photo.
red2I did enjoy creating these images, but I did not get the look I wanted to achieve. I think the technique would look nicer on brighter prints.

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