Jon Levy: Week 2

This is my response to the second task set by Jon Levy…

I have chosen to base my project around a few areas of study instead of a particular style of photography. These subject areas are; memory, experience, and illusion. I am interested in the way photographs are experienced, particularly in terms of personal photographs. ‘How are memories relived though photography?’ Many people look upon photographs as visual memories, but in fact they’re mental triggers- the memory is in the mind. I wish to challenge the audience’s memory by re-creating common memories in photo form, changing them slightly in order to make the audience look twice. To do this, I am going to choose memories the majority of us share- those from fairytales. I plan to tell a story through my photos, challenging the viewer’s memory by representing the story in a new light, contradicting the common conception- the ‘disney image’ and showing a realistic view, drawing on darker aspects of the tale. At first look, I want my images to appear familiar, but as the viewer looks closer, I want them to question their original memory/experience of the fairytale.

Below are examples of fairytales I might portray within my final images. I have written how the story differs from the ‘disney image’, followed by the author that version was written by.

1. Rapunzel – Crows peck the Prince’s eyes out. – by Brothers Grimm

2. Red riding hood – She is eaten by the wolf.  (This happens in the most common versions of the story, however, I would portray the reality of a wolf attack which the story books don’t show)

3. The little mermaid- she dies from despair because the prince marries the princess (she dissolves to foam in the sea/ goes to heaven) – by Hans Christian Andersen

4. Sleeping beauty- gets raped by the king, has two children, they get married. – by Brothers Grimm

5. Cinderella- Lives in luxury while the step-sisters become blind beggars. – by Brothers Grimm

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