My Grandad’s Story

Here are three recordings of the interviews I did with some of my family members. I wanted to tell the story of my Grandad’s life & family before coming to England, but because my Grandad never spoke about it with me, I didn’t feel like I alone could tell his story. I decided to use the source of my knowledge on the topic, my family, in order to tell the story of my Grandad.




I just so happened to be talking to my uncle Pete (my Mum’s brother) about my Grandad and he told me the above story, which I had never heard before! When I asked my Dad about it, he hadn’t heard before it either but he said it was just one of those things he never asked his Dad about.

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7 Responses to My Grandad’s Story

  1. Oli Sharpe says:

    love the subtle changes i story with each persons account, the pictures are lovely, glad you kept the frames. everyone can relate to these kind of pictures but not always know the stories behind them, I love listening to my grandad talk about old photo’s, this was a touching story.

  2. Well done Helen, i like how each story is sectioned off, as told by some another member of the family. Thats a good idea. It’s quite a powerful story and i think there is some really good issues in there which would be nice to investigate more

  3. really interesting story Helen, it’s a shame you never managed to find much in the Polish records but the stories you do have a really interesting to listen to.

  4. kye Tidman says:

    A really interesting story, perhaps put the images together as i video. Explosion at the end, did not expect that twist. adding the different perspective’s gave the story more gravity.

  5. jenniferhearn says:

    I really liked the different versions of stories and how each one was a little bit different, because that’s how they remembered the memory. It was nice to see his life story coming together by different stories from different people. I wonder what it would be like if you carried on asking various family members especially those in Poland their memories and build the story even more. Well Done Helen, a great and interesting story!

  6. alexicirelli says:

    i thought this was really touching and lovelly. really interesting to hear their stories and sad that you dont really know your family in poland.

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