Audio/Visual Story

I tried to use the audio recordings and photos within a video, however it just looked messy because I don’t have enough photographs of his family to illustrate the story. Therefore, I’ve decided to show the photos I do have alongside the audio.

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7 Responses to Audio/Visual Story

  1. Genea Elizabeth Bailey says:

    Lovely way of telling your family history through audio and images, your family are great storytellers!

  2. riajoynes says:

    Really interesting narrative, i think you have made a strong project in relation to the brief and it kept me engaged throughout.

  3. great story i like how the stories are separate very informative and would be good to see you try and find the missing information in the story

  4. Jack Somerset says:

    structured very nicely and was easy to follow which is very important for an audience who knows nothing about these people. It’s pace was perfect, maybe would be best to be arranged into a video with photos? So the photos can match the right moments of the story? Overall very nicely done. ONE POUND FISH.

  5. M. Mileva says:

    Interesting and powerful idea/story/project. It’s interesting how you chase and want to know more about your roots – it’s great! Keep it up and develop it more. Video presentation might be a good idea; or a soundtrack for each picture (if some of them are separated for example). But don’t stop – keep walking!

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