Project Development

It has taken me a while to figure out exactly the issue I wish to tackle, however I have finally realised that it is one of self identity. I began this project wishing to find out more about my Polish heritage, which for now seems impossible (given the time constraints). I have been side-tracked a little by other issues, which I do find interesting, (such as the story of how my granddad came to be in England), but make no sense (for me) to create a project about. My issue is not finding out who I am, it’s more about not knowing who I am.

Therefore, I wish to involve other people who like me, do not know parts of their family history. I wished to make the project more photography related in order to get people involved (by submitting photos), so I have decided to explore the topic of unknown family relations. I plan to ask people to submit photos of family members they never knew/don’t know along with a short description stating their names. With this information I will make a collective family album in the form of a blog.

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