Grandad’s Documentation: Photos

Here are some photos of some of my Grandad’s war documents. They are for reference only, so please don’t judge the aesthetics!

These first few images are of my Grandad’s German workbook. My Grandma had always thought it to be a passport. The front reads ‘GERMAN REICH WORKBOOK FOR FOREIGNERS’ The book was issued to my Grandad on 14 Jan 1944, just before he turned 17.

The photo below shows the identification pages.

Close up of my Granddad aged 16 years or less.

I can’t ask him how he was feeling at the time this photo was taken, but I think his face is evidence enough to conclude that he was terrified. What I find peculiar about this photo is that he is dressed up.   I didn’t think the German Reich would have such formal standards for their slave labourers. It’s likely that these aren’t my Granddad’s clothes.

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