So it seems that the story I had been led to believe regarding my Grandad’s early life is a series of half-truths. It is not something I had ever really discussed in great detail with my Grandma, (and certainly not with my Grandad- I was 13 when he died), but when I recently began questioning her about his time during WWII she told me some things that I’d never heard before. For example, my Dad believed and always told me that my Grandad was only 13/14 when he was taken by the Germans. This was probably because that was his age when War broke out. Upon talking to my Grandma recently & working out dates and time periods, it is clear that he was in fact 16 years old. I was amazed that I’d been told the wrong information my whole life, but it just shows how facts can be lost. I feel lucky that I was able to find out the truth though.

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