Researching My Family tree

Since I am pretty much obsessed with my heritage and discovering where I came from, I decided to join in order to build my family tree. Some distant relatives had already traced my Mothers side of the family back to 1600. I have traced my Dad’s Mum’s family back to 1536. Now there is a large gap in my family tree, one quater of my heritage is missing (unknown) because that quarter only goes back so far as the year 1900. This is the Polish quarter of my family. Unfortunately, none of the Polish records are available on line, so for now, I still have a fourth of my family tree that’s missing.

The image below shows the part of my family tree that goes back the furthest. Henry Massey was born in 1536 and he is my 13th Great Grandad (Great great great great great great great great great great great great Grandad)!

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