Project thoughts…

I was thinking about the fact that I don’t know one quarter of my ancestry. I wondered how I could portray this visually, since I have no photos of them, and then I thought I might be able to use other people’s family snapshots. I could ask people to send me photos of weddings and other big events in life  and catalogue them within a piece in order to show how similar our family albums really are & how they can apply to almost anyone. These would form replacement photos to illustrate my unknown family photos.


The image below is by artist Jason Salavon. It is from the series ‘100 Special Moments’ and it’s a digital representation of 100 wedding photographs.

From a broader series begun in 1997, each of these works utilizes 100 unique commemorative photographs culled from the internet. The final compositions are arrived at using both the mean and the median, splitting the difference between a specific norm and an ideal one.

Newlyweds by Jason Salavon

Newlyweds by Jason Salavon

This is work that also illustrates the fact that the majority of us have similar images within our family album.

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