Unphotographable Phiction

For Phonar task 3, I chose to interpret  Michael David Murphy‘s UNphotographable ‘Tornado Warning Hearse Trooper Chase‘. I chose this post because it is one of very few on the website that suggested any kind of sound. I had to think which text I could make both images and audio for given my resources and time frame, some posts would’ve worked great visually but not audibly and vise versa  I felt this text was challenging, but still within my capability.

I decided to produce one single picture as I wished to imitate the photo that could’ve been. I used all my own photos and edited them together to create a representation of the text. Obviously I decided to do an English interpretation as I dont have access to any American police cruisers/hearses/country roads! The photos I used were of a limo (hearse), a white peugeot 206 (police car) and a country road.

I produced the sound using various methods, the siren and wind is actually me whistling (not as much for the wind!). The wet tyre noise was also done orally. I used a hose and puddle to create the sound of rain landing on wet ground. I shook a metal box to make the thunder sound. Finally, I recorded the engine noise by revving my car up whilst it was stationary.

Below is my final response.

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