Alienated Sensory Mashup

For this task I walked around Coventry city centre, I asked my brother to be my ‘eyes’ whilst I was blindfolded. We walked past shops, sometimes into shops, through the streets, along roads, by fountains and through the market. What I found interesting about being blindfolded was that I was more ‘tuned in’ to sounds. My sight is my primary sense and my hearing secondary – it compliments what I see. When I was blindfolded I was trying to work out exactly where I was from sound alone and that was at times, impossible to do. When I listened back to the audio, I tried to remember where abouts I recorded each clip. Some were obvious because I could recognise familiar sounds (such as water trickling- a fountain, or bartering- the market), however, some I just could not place because I found myself trying to visualise the situation/place in which it was recorded.

For the second part of the task, I had my hearing blocked off. This wasn’t as much of a challenge as having no sight because as I said, my hearing generally only compliments what I see. I am quite used to walking around without being able to hear any other noise than the music pumping away in my ears, so this part of the task wasn’t as difficult.


This is my response to Phonar Task 2 ‘Alienated Sensory Mashup’.Please listen with headphones, if possible.

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5 Responses to Alienated Sensory Mashup

  1. jonathanworth says:

    Okay, so you’ve inspired me to suggest a task specifically for people who generally walk around unplugged from everyday aural intercourse.

    #PhonarBonusTask “In Fragrente” : working in pairs, one of you will be blindfolded and wearing ear-defenders/ earplugs. Thus deprived of visual and aural stimuli, you’ll be led on a journey by your partner. You will dictate the pace of the journey however, responding whenever you see fit to make photographs that speak of the olfactory landscape.


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  3. This is beautifully haunting, especially for the tension between how full of human presence it seems in sound and how sparse of people it appears in the photographs. And then the odd pairings like the blues riff while seeing the image of the cross.

    Brilliant activity idea, I shall definitely borrow for my students

    • helenkuchta says:

      I’m glad you found it interesting! The juxtaposition between the blues & the cross is my favourite part of the mashup, it reminds me a little of the True Blood opening credits.

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