Journey To School

Task 0-  “Tell the story of your journey to school”

My first thought upon reading this task brief was “but I don’t go to school…”. To me, University is not school so I chose to document the journeys I used to take to school when I was younger. My first two schools are on the same site, and my secondary school is on the same road I live on giving me two journeys to choose from (though I could do both). As I wasn’t sure of what to do- (how was I supposed to document a whole journey?) I played around with the idea of video and animation to put together a sequence of photos showing the journey progression. I took a walk to my secondary school and snapped away on continuous shoot mode. I took photos of my feet/legs as I walked to try and capture the progression of the journey. When I reviewed the photos I felt like they didn’t really explain my journey to school at all. I was in jeans and trainers so I felt there was no hint at it being a journey to school, I could’ve worm some black trousers and shoes instead. I decided to have a re-think, concentrating less on the concept of ‘starting here & ending there’ and more on memories: what did I do when I walked to school? As a teenager I used to spend the 5 minute walk listening to music. This I felt could’ve led to an interesting video by compiling imagery and sound (music I listened to) together, however I did not have enough time to put together audio, and I wouldn’t really know how to make a mash-up anyway. As a child I used to walk to school with my mum and brother Tom. My brother and I used to pick up leaves, feathers and sticks along the way because it was fun to collect things. (Of  course they were abandoned just outside the school gates). We also had this little routine of pushing the little metal number on the post box. The metal rattled about a bit so we both (for some reason) made a habit of pushing it up and reading out the number on it. I decided to combine these memories into one photo. I got some leaves from the trees that were on our journey and scanned them. I laid this over the top of a photo of the post box, but the image didn’t portray what it was supposed to. I have some school work of mine in a folder and thought it would be interesting to use my (6 year old) handwriting to write down what I did on my journey, explaining it as The 6 year old me would.

I am pleased with the outcome, though I would have liked to experiment with audio. I’m also unsure as to whether this single image tells the story of my journey to school, as I feel it shows only a glimpse of it. I would like to make more of these as there are many more memories I have from my journeys to school.

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4 Responses to Journey To School

  1. Genea Elizabeth Bailey says:

    Hi Helen,
    I love your idea and your final image, it’s really lovely the way you interpreted “school”.

  2. Adele says:

    I love this Helen. The bright colours really work nicely with the theme. It’s lovely and innocent.

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