Research for Matt Johnston

I am doing preliminary research for Matt Johnston on an upcoming project. Initially I met with Matt to discuss his project and what was required of me. This research involved finding locations specific to Matt’s requirements as well as researching the area in general. Matt provided me with a list of things to research regarding his project with the aim of completing it within a week. Without revealing the project, I basically used maps and statistics to pinpoint areas of interest for Matt. Though this does not sound like a lot of work, the initial research took me two days to complete.

After submitting my initial research to Matt, this is his response:

“This is great thanks, I shall be looking over a bunch of the research and shooting some of those sites soon so should have some more work for you before long.”

Matt and I met again to look through the research and discuss the next steps. He has now provided more research for me to do, which centres more specifically on one area. This involves researching businesses in the area, finding details for them such as websites, addresses and phone numbers. I have spent one day on part two of the research, so three days in total.

I found this work quite fulfilling, Matt’s project is very interesting so I found it interesting when researching it. Matt gave me some great feedback in the meeting too, he was very pleased with my research report, which is all I could’ve asked for.

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