Designing for a Holistic Therapy Business

I was asked to design the look of a new holistic therapy business. I had a meeting with the customer to ascertain what they would like. The customer wanted to steer clear of pink and brown and also wanted a calming feel to the logo/website so I suggested blue and white which they liked. We also decided between us what pages the website would need, we have got Home, Treatments, Price List and Bookings/Enquiries. See below for some images of the website and logo I designed.  I wanted to create something sleek and simple. from these images you can see that the website is not yet finished.

I asked if there was any pattern they would especially like for the background, I suggested polka dots; leaves; floral; flock; and paisley. the customer really liked the idea of paisley so I custom made an image using photoshop brushes on top of one another.

As can be seen on the treatments page, I have still got to add images, I have used temporary ones to give an idea of layout. I will be taking the photos when the client has time to do so. this will include photos of both the treatments Reiki and Aromatherapy as well as a photo of the client.

So far the client is really pleased with the website, but as the business is not yet set up, the website is not viewable online. This work is ongoing so I will be continuing to work on this for a few more weeks.

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