Overall I think this module has been very enlightening and I feel that my outcome from the project is O.K. I began this project by participating in the weekly tasks and researching and responding to the guest speakers whilst in class. I enjoyed the enrichment of the weekly sessions, having a varied amount of things to watch and  several people came it to talk. I particularly enjoyed hearing about Ross Rawlings work as his work is similar to mine for this module in that he photographs objects that relate to people.
Through the weekly tasks, I soon realised that my family was definitely the subject I needed to portray within my final artifact so I began taking photos of mine and my Mums likenesses and her treasured objects (her Dad’s watch & her coin purse). I then realised that I had to make the images more personal, so I decided to photograph these objects in situ. I asked my Grandma, Nan, Dad and Mum to participate by writing down ten of their most treasured possessions. I then took photos of the items and got my family to write descriptions for each of them. I had to take forty photographs, which took me too long to do, so I eventually got behind on everything else and I only just managed to create my final artifact.
When I got the photographs printed, they came out much darker than on-screen which was disappointing, but I didn’t have any more time to alter them and re-print them so I had to make do with them. I made a hinged book, which definitely isn’t perfect, it’s pages aren’t lined up properly and the spine is a little too big for the cover. I don’t think this is too bad though as it was my first time making a book, though if I had had more time I’d have practiced beforehand. Also because of time constraints, I couldn’t let each pages content dry individually and so I had to stick it all in the book at the same time, which means I have some glue marks on the photos, it’s disappointing but it couldn’t have been helped.
I came to stick the captions and descriptions in the book and found that it was all looking rather plain and very cream, so I had to spend more time adding black paper boarders around all of the writing. I decided to call my book ‘Treasured Possessions’ because that is what I had been referring to the items as. I wrote the title and sub-titles within the book myself as I felt that computer text would go against the personal feel of my book. My handwriting is unique and it shows that I’m related when referring to the sections as ‘Mum’, ‘Dad’, ‘Nana’ and ‘Grandma’.
I have found this module difficult time wise because I ran out of time at the end to complete everything I had wanted to. For example, I felt my book could’ve been improved on, if I had practiced more before making the final piece. I also would’ve liked to take colour film instead of digital and and make much smaller prints and smaller book, however I only just had enough time shooting digitally. I’m quite disappointed as I have really enjoyed this module and I would’ve really loved to have taken the project further within the allocated time, but this was an impossibility.
If I were to do this module again, I would definitely try to come to a decision on my final project much sooner on. I couldn’t really help this, as I didn’t have my final idea until week five (four weeks ago). Having said all of this, I like my project idea and the content within my artifact.

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8 Responses to Evaluation

  1. These sets of images are lovely and so personal. I’m glad that they were put into a homemade book because it makes the images even more personal and intimate. I really like the idea that someone suggested that you put them on postcards and then the caption on the back of them. It would make that image even more precious for when someone else buys it and takes it away with them. Beautiful! Well Done 🙂

  2. Helen 🙂

    Realllly love your book! and the way in your photographs are displayed in the book. I also love the personal touch with the handwritten pieces comforting the photographs. It has such a personal feeling towards it and although I do not know the stories behind the photographs…it intrigues me.

    Great set of photographs 🙂
    Well done!

  3. M. Mileva says:

    I love your project and as I said before, think you definitely should keep that family focus. We shall remember and keep our closest ones and their life. Like that you took all your pictures of object on the place they stood in. Also love the natural light and look – best thing! The book is brilliant – perfect size, little massive, heavy, outstanding, I love it! Hand writing compliment perfectly your images. Well done, keep up and keep inspire me more and more!

  4. jessdash says:

    I like how the book gave it a very personal touch and the choice of their own hand writing, although the book may have more of a personal view to you, i think this helps others relate.

  5. Lovely, intimate, touching work Helen. Your work has always been some of my favorite in the class for it’s sheer genuineness which is really fresh in our current digital manipulative age. It’s real, unpretentious, and beautiful. The book is a beautiful piece of craft, make more and sell them! Start putting a price on your. Please make postcards to hand out including the stories and work out a nice way to exhibit them in the basement – your work is the kind to make anyone smile, and reflect on their own family history. You appreciate the lives around you and it’s very important and something we all need reminding of once in a while.

  6. You’re very harsh on yourself here Helen – there’s a some great work and this is not your final show!! This is exactly the place to make mistakes and learn from them, even saying that there are way, way more positive moments in this body of work than “mistakes”. See you in Phonar where we shall rock the world.

    • helenkuchta says:

      I know I can criticise myself a lot, but as I said, I ran out of time and it could’ve been a lot better, even with just a couple more days. Basically I don’t think I executed it well enough, but it’s OK considering the time constraints. I don’t think I could ever be entirely happy with a series (especially an artefact!) I have produced within three weeks, but it is annoying when I have to rush things! I’ve really enjoyed the tasks though and wish I could’ve given my full attention to this module (as you know, we had our websites to do as well). I feel as if I didn’t have a chance to delve as deep as I would’ve liked to.

      Thanks Jonathan 🙂

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