Photographing My Mum and Nan.

I’ve photographed my Mum and Nan’s treasured items now, the photos are shown below.


Mum: Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring

Mum: Wedding Dress
Wedding Dress

Mum: Dad's Watch
Dad’s Watch
Mum: Mum's Beads
Mum’s Beads

Mum: Gold Bracelet
Gold Bracelet

Mum: Flower Card
Flower Card

Mum: Coin Purse
Coin Purse

Mum: Gold Chain and Fob
Gold Chain and Fob

Mum: Photo of Thomas and Helen
Photo of Thomas and Helen

Mum: Card from Helen
Card from Helen


Nana: My bird bath
My bird bath

Nana: The Cornish rack
The Cornish rack

Nana: Tooheys "Medicine for Nurses"
Tooheys “Medicine for Nurses”

Nana: Pete's graduation photo.
Pete’s graduation photo

Nana: Mum and Dad
Mum and Dad

Nana: Susan in her wedding dress
Susan in her wedding dress

Nana: My Bible
My Bible

Nana: Some of my favourite photographs.
Some of my favourite photographs.
Nana: My nursing badges
My nursing badges

Nana: Gardening books
Gardening books

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6 Responses to Photographing My Mum and Nan.

  1. hazelsteel says:

    overall i think your photographs are really intimate and special and putting them in the book format with each indiviudals written creates a fantastice and personal artifact. I the photographs themselves are quite stunning, using the natural light has really given them a soft and nice feel. Overall i think there really good! 🙂

  2. kye Tidman says:

    A insightful and personal window into your relationships and your families. It’s interesting to see the difference in what is valued through the generations. The book keeps it personal and adds to the intimacy between the you and the audience.

  3. i think as sets and in a book format the idea is very well done, i think the link between the handwritten captions and the images works well on a personal note in a book form, it would be interesting to see how these images will look in the exhibition, i think the idea of the postcards is cool

  4. I feel that this is the first time today where I have really agreed with using a book to portray all the photos. It is a memory bank and is something that is personal to you and your family. It is a portfolio of their life and everything that you see in each picture makes you think how and why that is there and you become more involved with the person as you look through each photo. It is separated well and the hand writing of each person adds a more personal touch. It paints a picture of the person and the only thing I would really of liked to have seen was the picture of say your mother and grandmother but it does work just like a book with no pictures as you in your head give the image of the person.

  5. mridgley says:

    I found that looking at the pictures, you can sense that there is a clear link between them, as treasured possessions. Also, the book you created meant that it can be seen as a personal piece with writing from each of you family. Maybe consider making them into a post card, or how you would display them

  6. All together I think these are a cracking set ! I think the use of natural lighting throughout the frames enhances the idea behind them and the realisation of where such loved possessions are kept a personal touch ! Well done ! The book was very well produced !

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