Photographing my Dad

I have photographed my Dad’s treasured possessions, these are the edited photos with his captions (digital form).
Dad: My first big purchase
My first big purchase

Dad: Amplifier

Dad: College book
College book

Dad: My old leather jacket
My old leather jacket

Dad: My first video recorder
My first video recorder

Dad: BBC Model  B Computer
BBC Model B Computer
Dad: My best watch
My best watch

Dad: 1950's 300 series telephone
1950’s 300 series telephone

Dad: Bible
The Bible

Dad: Mug

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One Response to Photographing my Dad

  1. i love this set. The 1st images are fantastic. Something about that they are precious objects yet are left to decay and gather dust. It really symbolises that its more about the memories rather than the object itself. I would say that if it is themed like that, it must stick to it for the whole series. love it.

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