Photographing my Grandma

Today I photographed my grandmas treasured possessions. I had asked her (and everyone else participating) to think of her ten most precious items, and to make a list. I also took some paper with me so she could write down neatly what these objects are (these will go in my book as the descriptions for the images.)

It took me a long time to photograph all ten objects, having to adjust the tripod for each one several times to get the perfect framing and working around furniture with a tripod was also a difficult task. Because of this, I have hundred of photos from this session, and they are all very similar of the same items (the framing/exposure/focus is marginally different in each one), so I have included only my final edits below. It took me even more time to help my Grandma write out the descriptions of the photos as we had to write it out in rough first.

Grandma: Wedding Photograph
Wedding Photograph

Grandma: Decanter

Grandma: Coal Miner
Coal Miner

Grandma: Polish Dolls
Polish Dolls

Grandma: Miners Lamp
Miners Lamp

Grandma: Dad & I
Dad & I

Grandma: Mum & Dad
Mum & I

Grandma: Photo Albums
Photo Albums

Grandma: My Grand parents
My Grand parents

Grandma: Cobblers Tool
Cobblers Tool

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3 Responses to Photographing my Grandma

  1. Good stuff Helen, i like the possibility that these images could evolve out of the book and onto postcards or even to be made into more books. Limited edition, which could be sold. I like the catalogue you’ve created here and you’ve given it a really nice personal touch.

  2. alexicirelli says:

    I like this set of images, i much prefure the book and thnk maybe a few scans of the pages on here would look great because i feel when i look through it on your blog i dont get the same feeling as i do when i looked through the book. But i really like the idea and i seriously think the idea’s we gave you about the postcards with the writting on the back is something you should consider. But yeah great stuff really love it.

  3. I think these make a really beautiful set. The choices of the subjects are so personal and the memories they evoke are really interesting. Printing them as individual postcards with the accompanying writing on the back would make a really great final artifact as you could sell them. What I like is that everyone who views this puts their own family aspects into it, and relates to certain images more than others. The accompanying writing adds a different aspect to the images, and it would be interesting to see how people react to the images alone and with the text as two separate pieces.

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