Final Idea

As I said previously, I would like to continue the exploration of photographing someones treasured possessions in order to depict their being, or their body.

I had photographed two of my Mums treasured things in a catalogue style: against a white background. However, I feel that these images are too impersonal, and they go against what I am trying to portray. I had removed these objects from my Mum’s life, they were no longer in the place where she kept them, and I think that is very important. Where these objects are kept and their surroundings are very important in understanding more about how valuable they are to the person, so I decided to scrap the cataloging idea and photograph the items in situ.

I am not only going to photograph my Mum’s treasured possessions, but also my Dad’s, and my two remaining grandparents, my Nan and Grandma.

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