Individual Task

Questions for my mum:

How are our appearances similar?

“You look like me, but if you take you feature by feature, your features don’t look like mine because your eyes are blue, smaller than mine, your lips are nicer, more full. Nose is the same.”

This answer prompted me to do side-by-side comparisons of our features, which I think look good as diptychs and as one sextych.

I still think these images are too obvious, so I decided to try a different approach. My Mum also said that our feet were similar, that our little toes both sit on their side. Instead of photographing our feet for a side-by-side comparison, instead I decided to photograph my Mums shoes. I wanted these images to have a catalogue look to them, a straight, clean look that was a documentation of the object. I aimed to de-personalise these objects by photographing them in this way, this was so that the reason for them being photographed in the first place is unclear. I am not happy with these images, they look very dull and I haven’t quite achieved the catalogue style I was after (could be fixed with controlled lighting instead of natural lighting).

Finally, I decided to photograph some objects my Mum has had in her possession since she was my age. I decided to photograph these in the same catalogue style as before, which I think works a lot better for these much smaller objects. Below is my Granddad’s watch, which he gave to my Mum, it’s broken. I have paired this with a leather coin purse that was a present my Mum received from a family member when she was a child. This diptych could be seen as a portrait of my Mum in some sense, as these are objects she has owned for a very long time. I would like to explore this notion of objects representing people further.

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  1. This is such a great idea for the project, very impressed!

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