Tweets on Gary Schneidr

interesting how similar couples handprints are to each other #picbod

[couples hands]how do we chose someone because of touch? do our handprints begin to resemble each other because of the relationship? #picbod

Schneider gets intimate with his subjects- creating the image of their hand then asking them questions while it processes. #picbod

Schneider considers mask his most successful image as it bridges all his interests. #picbod

‘handprint portraits’ after the information is left on the film, G.S. flashes the hand to give an outline. #picbod

‘handprint portraits’-a type of photogram. G.S instructs the subject how to place the hand on the film which soaks up the sweat #picbod

the handprint as an image of identity has existed since before lascaux- since begining of image making. it’s in every religion…#picbod

#picbod ‘john in sixteen parts’ allows the audience to create the composition, this being pre-meditated.

G.S pre-visualises his images not only creating them within the camera, but editing them into a piece-‘john in sixteen parts’#PICBOD

#picbod the negative is a drawing that is taken into the darkroom to be manipulate to have certain presences

Schneider looks to give the subject as much control within his ‘heads’ series from 1989-1985 #picbod

‘Carte de Visite’#picbod catalog of photos from 1870, printed in 1990. these people were not aware of the camera as we are today.

‘portrait sequence’ fragments of the body printed lifesize #picbod

#picbod ‘seedbed’by vito acconi caused schneider to have an epiphany about creating intimate work for the public.

#watching Gary Schneider on #picbod

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