Photography Websites

I have been taking a look at some Photographers websites recently to give me some inspiration on my website design.The above website is simple but effective. The home page is a gallery with the name of the photographer in the top right corner, which when clicked brings up a box with the contact details. The photos on the homepage gallery are greyed out, apart from the one the cursor is on. If a photo is clicked on, it brings up a slideshow with the corresponding series of images.

The above screen capture is of photographer Lara Jade’s homepage. I like the look of the colour photographs against the black background. This website also uses black, white and grey, probably because colours could clash with certain photos. The site has good navigation, the only downfall is that it took a little longer to load than any other website, this is probably due to the amount of images on the homepage.

Lastly, I looked at David LaChapelle’s website. I really like the simplicity of this design- the white text over a colourful photograph. The site is very easy to use, with the title and navigation bar at the top of all pages.

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