Websites: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I have been looking at some websites in order to get a feel for what i do and dont like, and what i might want to incorporate into my site.

Above is a artists portfolio website. This is a flash website, the black and white photos change to colour when the cursor is on them. I really like this idea of making a website that looks like something other than a website, in this case the website looks like a collage or notice board.

Below is the homepage from the band Late of the Pier’s website. The website is very simple looking with the white on black, which is quite an effective design. However, there is nothing on the homepage which tells the audience what they are looking at. As well as this, the links take us to external websites, such as myspace and amazon.

Both the Late of the Pier website links ‘MUSIC’ and ‘JOIN’ take us to an external page from the website ‘special.the-raft‘, which asks us to enter personal details for the chance of winning a free .mp3 of a late of the pier song. However, this page still does not mention Late of the pier apart from the page title so it doesn’t look very professional.

Below is a screen capture from a flash website. This is a German site that I found when browsing for ‘bad websites’. It is a very poorly designed website, this is the homepage where the brightly coloured letters zoom, bounce and rotate around the screen. The link ‘Intro Überspringen’ translates to skip intro, however, the link sometimes doesn’t work if clicked before the intro finishes. This website is actually for a Leisure Park in Herne, Germany. The webstie is very difficult to navigate, and mostly consists of links to photos of the park attractions.

Below is a screen capture from the website This website supposedly offers free ‘chiptune’ music, but I can’t tell where to download it as the design is so poor! The site has too many things to click on that don’t do anything. I like the fact that the website is 80’s themed, however, the navigation is very poor so it’s difficult to use.

Finally, below is a screen capture from the website for SH Marketing Ltd. Firstly, the design is huddled in the top left corner, which makes me question ‘why make it so small in the first place?’. The orange circles are actually links to other parts of the website, which isn’t very obvious when first using the site. To make this worse, the orange cirlces move when hovered over and not all of them are click-able so users could get quite frustrated. The worst part of it all is that this is a website for a marketing company.

From this research I have concluded that simple is definitely better, black and white with only one accent colour (if any at all). Also, because websites are sources of information, they have to be easy to navigate so that the users can find out what they want.

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