Photographing a Loved One.

My photographs for Picbod task 2 ‘View from Inside’. These are photographs of my Mum. For the task of photographing a loved one, I decided to photograph my Mum. I chose to photograph her one evening, when she was doing her own thing. I liked working in this way as I could move around and shoot and she didnt feel self concious because she was concentrating on other things.

I especially like the closeup of my Mum’s face, with my Dad in the background, and also the one where she is lit by her computer.

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4 Responses to Photographing a Loved One.

  1. I love this and it’s worth pursuing – but it’s not there yet – have you seen this?

  2. M. Mileva says:

    Well, I just saw the picture of your mum in front of her laptop, and I just wanted to post the same thing as Jonathan Worth :))
    Well done, I like it a lot!
    Still will post you my link πŸ˜€

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