Analysing Website Differences: Retail & Music

I am looking at the differences between two websites, one is a retail site ( and one a band website ( Please click on the images to enlarge them in order to read my annotations.


The Topshop website is geared up for shoppers. On the home page we can start shopping by clicking one of the links in the top navigation bar. There are links to the official Topshop social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. At the very top, users can see their personal account details such how many items are in their shopping bag (if the user is logged in). At the bottom of the home page there are also ‘Help’ links to useful pages on the site (such as Delivery and Returns information).

Grizzly Bear

The Grizzly Bear home page is very eye-catching with its wide range of colours. The navigation bar is situated to the left of the website which is good as this is where the (western) eye falls naturally. The  main feature on the home page is a video, which means users can get a sense of what the bands music is like straight away. Also, there is a link to the bands facebook page at the bottom of the nav bar.


– Both have a navigation bar including links to main areas of the website.

– Both advertise themselves/their products on the front page. Topshop has photos of clothes, Grizzly Bear has a music video.

– Both have links to official Social networking Sites.

– Topshops homepage offers a lot of information so the design and colour scheme is kept simple. Grizzly Bears homepage is very basic so a busy background and bright colour scheme are used to make it eye-catching.


I think the Topshop website is great and doesnt need improving at all, it’s very easy to navigate around the site, and everything is accessible from the homepage, making it easy for online shoppers to find what they want.

I really like the design of the Grizzly Bear website, however, i feel that there could be a bit more content on the homepage, such as a title/description for the video and a photo of the band. The video looks a little bit lost on the page, as if it is floating.

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