Still Life Scarf- Final Image

I have finished my editing of my final photo, and here it is:

I kept the bluey-purple tone that I liked before, I think it contrasts nicely with the yellow apples and orange pieces within the scarf. I made the scarf ‘pop’ a bit more by using the dodge tool, and I toned the fruit down a bit by desaturating it using the sponge tool. I also tried to blur the creases out a little bit, and lower the contrast of the sheet so they didn’t stand out as much. I’m really pleased with how this turned out, the scarf looks really nice and the colours really stand out. Desaturating the fruit has made it look rotten, which I like because then there is a juxtaposition between the luxurious silk scarf and the decaying fruit. It is kind of like the scarf is the new beautiful art form and the still life paintings are old and tired. If this were to be in a magazine, there is room for text on the image.

Below is the original image.

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