Still Life Shoot One

I first of all set up this arrangement, I wanted to take the photo here to get some wood grain showing through from the table underneath the lace. I obviously needed a bigger backdrop for this arrangement, but this was not achievable without people holding it up. The location of the photo is not really ideal either because of the window behind, I knew this location probably wouldn’t work very well before I set it up, but it was mainly to get a gist of how I wanted things to look.

I then moved the arrangement to in front of a sofa-I rested the objects on the floor and used the sofa to hold up the back drop. As you can see, I decided not to use the lace, this is because I felt it clashed too much with the scarf and the bright fruit. I much prefer this image below to the one above, but I have edited the one below!

I really like the deep shadows within the folds of the fabrics, however I don’t like the creases in the sheet, which I can try and sort out on Photoshop. I also think that looking at the editing, I haven’t made the scarf stand out enough and it blends into the sheet, which is not good as it is meant to be the ‘star of the show’.

Below is the Image I produced from my first shoot.

There was a group critique at University today and this is what was said about the above image:

– Make the scarf stand out more, it blends in too much.

– Try and get rid of the creases in the backdrop.

– Can tell there’s a sofa behind it.

-What context will this be seen in?

As an answer to the ‘what context will this be seen in?’: It will be seen in a high-end fashion magazine such as Harpers Bazaar, it looks quite luxury and it is still a fashion image so I feel it would suit this context well.

I was going to try and edit these things out to rectify them, but while still at University, I was told we were allowed to use the scarves again from the 24th – 29th November, so I am going to re-shoot again then before I do any more editing.

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2 Responses to Still Life Shoot One

  1. very nice! Is this the scarf you had to photograph?

    • helenkuchta says:

      Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, it is. Just shoved this up for a group critique on Monday. I’m going to re-do it I think, it’s not quite how I want it, but thanks anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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