Scarves in Still Life?

I wanted to think about how my fashion group’s scarves specifically relate to still life and how I could use props to show their meaning within my photos.

Lucia’s scarf: Time and memories- could use clocks

Sacha’s scarf: music- could use musical instruments and sheet music.

Anthony’s scarf: features a galaxy, sculpture-like male forms, flowers. Could use small statues or flowers (flowers would be better because it is a classic object found within still life art.

Since I only have Lucia’s scarf to work with, and she has to have it back on Monday to hand in, this is the only chance I’ve got to get the right image. I went looking for clocks today in charity shops, to use as props in my photo, but I couldn’t find any. That’s the clock idea out of the window! As Lucia’s scarf is based on time any way, I have decided to use fruit and vegetables which are the classic subjects depicted within still life. The time element will come from the fact that the photo is imitating an old art form.

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