Still Life

First of all I have been looking into how to photograph the scarf without a model, because it’s making me step away from the fashion side of things and instead I am looking into artistic ways to showcase the scarf.

I was thinking of when we see objects within art- without a model, and I instantly thought of Still Life art.

Still Life Art depicts inanimate objects. Still life is called ‘Natura Morta’ in Italian which literally means ‘Dead Nature’.

Common subjects of still life are:



-table wear (bowls, jugs)



-musical instruments

-wine (glasses, bottles)

Jan Brueghel the Elder - Bouquet, 1599

John F. Peto- The Old Violin, 1890

Paul Cézanne, Still Life with Onions and Bottle, 1895-1900

William Michael Harnett, My Gems, 1888

James Peale, Fruit Still Life with Chinese Export Basket, 1824

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