50 Days

I was browsing on facebook, exploring the theories discussed in JP Mangalindan’s article, basically that people have become accustomed to uploading photos of themselves regularly. I know a few people that purposefully take a photo of themselves every month or so. The thought process behind this is “I look good today, I’ll take a photo of myself, maybe it will change peoples view of me for the better” or even: “I want to show people I look good, so I’ll dress up and take a photo”.

What I did notice from these photos on facebook, is that they are all much the same: taken in mirrors; or at arms length, and each persons collection of photos of themselves are identical to one another.

From my observations, I have decided to photograph myself every day for the next 50 days.

Below is a Video by Noah Kalina who photographed himself everyday for 2356 days and is coming up to 21 million views on youtube.

Noah has continued his ‘Everyday’ work on this website.

His blog:http://blog.noahkalina.com/

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