Uses of Light 001.

Long Exposures

A Long exposure within photography is one use of light, however there are then sub categories within this one use that give different effects when light is involved. Below is a photograph by Chris Steele-Perkins, for which he chose a 4 minute exposure, intensifying the red lights of the road works and the green hue over Mount Fuji. Consequently, what would have been the darkest part of the photo,( the mountain), is a burgundy colour.

Chris Steele-Perkins, Road works and Fuji near Kawaguchiko, JAPAN, 1999.

“I stopped at some road works at night and Fuji was visible. I made a 4 minutes exposure and the flashing red lights combined with the green fluorescent light of Fujinomiya city reflecting from the clouds was almost hallucinogenic.”

Painting With Light

Painting with light works on the basis of long shutter speeds, but with movement of light thrown in there as well.

I found the above photograph on Flickr, by a user called Laughtonb, he has created this photo by using a long exposure/slow shutter speed and has thrown his camera into the air, showing movement through the swirls created from still lights.

I also found the above photo on Flickr, by user ericcastro.

“I took this picture while camping. Its my Girlfriends daughter. She’s busting one of her “modeling” poses. This ones mellow thankfully.

The blue light is her great uncle walking by on his way to the bathroom. I pressed the button, then hustled over with the flash light to freestyle the light drawing. You can see the shutter closed mid Halo.

I had her stand extremely still. Its a 30 second shutter if I remember. The ONLY photoshop element is my watermark. I didnt even tweak levels or contrast.

I took the flash light and ran it around her entire body at a angle from the side so she would be that “low key”. It also helps it appear that the light is actually glowing.
I had to cup my hand on the lens end of the flash light so that it wouldnt be visable to the camera.
Then, I did the outline with nothing there to trace. I also started and ended the out line with the flashlight pointing to the ground and panned it towards camera. Thats why the ground looks like there is a pool of light.”

Another typical example of using long exposures to accentuate light movement is to capture the head lights and tail lights of a car driving by. this only works if the camera is set on a tripod. I took the above photo when I was experimenting with long exposures, and I think this was a 30 second exposure. What I really like is the bright blue of the night sky and how the light has lit up the road.

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