Lee Friedlander’s book ‘Family’ (seen left) exhibits a series of images Friedlander has taken over a long period of time, documenting his family members. This series acts as a narrative, the photos being in chronological order. The series starts with a selection of images of Friedlander and his wife, Maria, at the very start of their relationship, the earliest being from 1958. The series continues in this way, with Friedlander documenting his children growing, and eventually his grandchildren.

“NOTE This book contains photogrpahs of my family: my wife, Maria; myself; our two children, Erik and Anna; and, later, our son-in-law and daughter-in-law and our two grandchildren. Erik was born in 1960 and Anna in 1962. Anna married Thomas Roma in 1987, and their son, Giancarlo, was born in 1991. Erik married Lynn Shapiro in 1989, and their daughter, Ava was born in 1998. The pictures in this book reflect these events and the passage of time from 1958 to the present. L.F.”

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