Jason Salavon

I have just come across some really interesting digital work by Jason Salavon. The images I am interested in are his ‘amalgamations‘ which includes many different series of photos, which all use the same technique of merging many photos into one. The photos he uses are not by him, but he has chosen them to show similarity in photographic styles when photographing the same subject.

Every Playboy Centerfold, The 1960s (normalized) 2002 Digital C-print, Jason Salavon

Above is one of Salavon’s merged works, combining every Playboy centerfold from the 1960s and is from a series which includes montages for the 1970s, 80s and 90s as well.

Below is an image from another series, ‘100 Special Moments’ which combines 100 photos of the same moment- the post wedding photo. This series also includes ‘Kids with Santa’, ‘Little Leaguer’, and ‘The Graduate’.

100 Special Moments (Newlyweds) 2004 Digital C-print, Jason Salavon

Other of Salavon’s Amalgamation series include ‘Portrait’, ‘City’, ‘The Loop, Chicago, 1848-2007’, ‘Late Night Triad’, ‘Homes for Sale’, ’76 Blowjobs’, ‘The Song of the Century’, and ‘The Class of 1988 & The Class of 1967’. These photos remind me of Thomas Ruff’s ‘Nudes’ work in which he found stills from pornographic films on the internet and made them big enough to distort them slightly (see below).

Nudes, 2000, Thomas Ruff

76 Blowjobs, 2001, Digital C-print, Jason Salavon

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