Designing CD Covers

I have decided to design CD covers for my brother Tom because he is a musician. His music can be heard here:

To start with, I asked Tom which three songs he wanted me to design for and the meanings of each, he chose:

‘Dreams Won’t Find Me’

Wishing that dreams come true, but they never do.

‘Dead Letters’

(not currently available on the web)

This song is about people who are stuck in a rut, and have no self worth by constantly trying to impress others.


(this song is under another name on the Tom’s website- ‘Pull The Trigger’

This song is about someone who wont take the blame, who is always in the way and tripping people up, making life difficult.

I then asked Tom his three favourite art movements from the following seven:

Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Modernism and Post- Modernism.

He chose Pop Art, Surrealism and Cubism.

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