Art Movements & Contemporary Artists

Pop Art: Martin Parr

Common Sense (Cup of Tea), 1995- 1999

This photograph by Martin Parr is a good example of contemporary Pop Art as it  depicts an everyday object. Everyday objects were often used as subject matter for Pop artists such as Andy Warhol’s ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans’.

Minimalism: Hiroshi Sugimoto

Baltic Sea, Rügen, 1996

This photo is from a series called ‘Seascapes’, by Hiroshi Sugimoto, though the photos are taken at different places, of different parts of the sea, they all share the same composition: the picture plane is split through the middle horizontally, the top half being the sky and the bottom half the sea. The only thing that ever changes within this series is the depth of focus or contrast in tone, making it very minimalistic.
Cubism: David Hockney
The Desk, 1984

I feel this photo montage by David Hockney is very reminisent of the cubist style, especially that of Picasso’s work in which we see the same subject from multiple angles.

Postmodernism: Richard Billingham


This photo is from Richard Billingham’s series ‘Rays a Laugh’, and shows his Mum and Dad (Ray) eating dinner in their flat. As you can see, they are not wealthy which contrasted Conservative Britain, the country’s leader at the time.

Renaissance: Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Music Lesson, 1999

For this photo, Sugimoto photographed waxworks within a setting made to look like Johannes Vermeer’s ‘A Lady at the Virginal with a Gentleman’, which is from the Baroque movement, which came just after the Renaissance, so painting styles were quite similar.

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