Love In A Puff- Review

Love in a Puff is a romantic comedy, is about two chinese cigarette smokers, Cherie and Jimmy. The story is told documentary style through their meetings, and text messages sent to each other. The two characters meet while on a smoking break in a back alley with friends and exchange numbers after chatting to each other, eliminating the fun of the chase within the first twenty minutes. After this, the story line follows the evolving, yet boring relationship of the two.
There are also interviews of various other characters being asked about smoking and love thrown in randomly between this ‘love’ story. Another problem; there is no enigma introduced to get the audience interested, so it all seems quite pointless, you only wonder if they will end up together, there is the classic, ‘they’re together, now they’re not, now they’re together again’ formula that is typical of romance films.
What let it down was the fact that, apart from some mild school-like flirting, “is this a date?” and all that jazz, not much else happens. I feel that it continues on this flat, dull line of uneventfulness for the whole movie. Unfortunately, the writers didn’t even make it funny, there are parts that could be considered as slightly amusing, but not enough to make me smile.    As acting goes, this was decent, though there were not really any emotional scenes to judge from. The direction was ok too, I couldn’t criticise it, nor commend it.

Year: 2010
Directed: Pang Ho-Cheung
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Runtime: 01:43
Country:  China

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