Brand-New Topographics

This is my first University project, entitled ‘Brand-new Topographics’. the project is called such because it is based on William Jenkin’s 1975 exhibition ‘New Topographics’ which showed a collection of a selected group of photographers work. The concept of the exhibition was to include photographs that were very specific to their location, all the of the photographers were american apart from german duo Bernd and Hilla Becher, and they all worked in the medium of black and white film, apart from Stephen Shore who used colour film.

©helenkuchta 2010

At the start of this project, i was given a list of quotes said by photographers and journalists as well as a map of Coventry city with highlighted locations on it. My task was to go to these locations and create images in each reflecting what some of the quotes suggested. I found the train station a really interesting, vibrant place, I’d already taken some images when I got on my train to go home. I liked the way the platform was blurred by the condensation on the windows, so I shot it, choosing a low depth of field, causing only some of the rain droplets to be in focus. I like this photo as it has a nice abstraction to it, it makes the viewer work harder to guess what it is of, or even how it was done. I really wanted to use this image as one of my final photographs, but I didn’t take it with any particular quote or artist in mind, but i did find that it related well to the Jan Groover quote (which can be seen within the image above) which says that basically, you can take a photo just because you like it, there doesn’t have to be any reason behind it.

I thought the images I have produced from this project would look good in a book, displayed alongside the quotes they relate to, that way the images can be seen in context. I have made mock ups of what the pages in the book might look like, though i think there is definitely room for improvement on the layout and consistency of the font used. below is another of the ‘pages’ I have made for the book. Admittedly, i do not have enough photos to fill a book, so i would like to continue photographing around the city, though the pages would look good printed out singly as well.

©helenkuchta 2010

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